For Therapists and Retailers

Thank you for your interest in cooperating with us. We offer cooperation possibilities to therapists such as doctors, healers and health advisors and also to pharmacies, retailers and specialist retailers. 

If you work as a therapist or run a business, contact us today. All we need from you is proof of your work. This can be your company homepage, a certificate of your qualification or your trading licence, which you can send us via fax to +49 (0)371 302747 or Email to


Our zeolite and bentonite as natural harmful substance binding agents and bioregulators are of pharmacopoeial quality as we ensure our volcanic minerals are of the highest quality standards: they need to comply with the current rules of the European and German Pharmacopoeia. A pharmacopoeia is a collection of recognised rules concerning the quality, testing, storage and labelling of pharmaceutical products and concerning the substances, materials and methods used for their manufacturing and testing. The monographs of the individual substances pinpoint exactly which tests and quality standards must be reached so that each substance can be used in pharmaceutical products and can be used in and sold by pharmacies. We verify these tests for all goods received and we verify they are manufactured in state-approved (accredited) testing laboratories. We also consider our comprehensive documentation of all of the raw materials we handle and their tests to be of utmost importance. This guarantees efficient backtracking and top quality assurance.